At Little Goslings we value and recognise the importance of working in partnership with all parents; after all, you are the main educators and influences over your child. Little Goslings works solely on the basis of Parents and Staff working together in partnership with each other. It is a requirement of our Child Agreement that both parties must be completely honest at all times. This includes advising us of any change in circumstances for the child.

Daily Diaries are sent home after each session, which have been designed to share important information on how your child has been, activities they have enjoyed exploring, what they have eaten and key achievements that the Staff have noted that day. We also have Tapestry, an online learning journey system, where Parents are able to see their child’s progress and achievements throughout the day.

Little Goslings has a Parents’ Board which has information on upcoming events, what theme the children are looking at in that week, and also activities and services that can be accessed within the community.

Thank you for considering Little Goslings. We look forward to working with you to help your child develop in a safe and positive learning environment.